Riff Reality – Wallpapers – Animated Mystic Plectrum iOS

Mystic Plectrum – Animated Wallpaper Quest! ( iOS 13+ )


Due to the way Animated Wallpapers work, you will need to undertake a quest..
If this quest is too tough you can download the static version.

Let’s begin!

Step 1

Download the video here on your phone

If you are using Gmail app tap ‘More’ and ‘Save Video’. Then skip to Step 3.

If you are using Safari it will appear in the download manager (top right icon)

Step 2

Tap the icon

Then tap the video name.

Tap this icon bottom left.

Then save video.

Then press ‘Done’

Step 3

Download the free app ‘VideoTolive’
this is used to convert the video to a live wallpaper

Step 4

Open the app (skip the ads if necessary)
Select ‘Video to Live’

Choose the video you just downloaded

Step 5

Tap ‘Save’

Tap ‘Live Photo’

Wait for the conversion to finish.

Step 6

Go to your iPhone settings then tap wallpaper.

Choose new wallpaper

Select Live Photos, then choose the Live Photo we just created.

Click set and choose lock screen

Congratulations you have completed the Quest! Tap your lock screen and the plectrum will animate.